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F. Schipfer, Kranzl, L.; Leclère, D.; Sylvain, L.; Forsell, N.; Valin, H. (2017):
Advanced biomaterials scenarios for the EU28 up to 2050 and their respective biomass demand.
Biomass and Bioenergy 96, 19–27..
M. Hartner, Dieter Mayr, Andrea Kollmann, Reinhard Haas (2017):
Optimal sizing of residential PV-systems from a household and social
Solar Energy, 141, 49-58.
Full paper:
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Martin Everts, Claus Huber, Eike Blume-Werry (2017):
Politics vs markets: how German power prices hit the floor
The Journal of World Energy Law & Business 9 (2), 116-123.
Full paper:
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Vasilios Anatolitis, Marijke Welisch (2017):
Putting renewable energy auctions into action – An agent-based model of onshore wind power auctions in Germany
Article in Energy Policy · Volume 110, November 2017, Pages 394–402 · https://doi.org/10.1016/j.enpol.2017.08.024.
Eike Blume-Werry, Martin Everts, Claus Huber (2017):
Splitting price zones: The impact of the German-Austrian breakup on European energy objectives
European Energy Journal 6 (4), 46-60.
Full paper:
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G. Resch, Marijke Welisch, Lukas Liebmann, Barbara Breitschopf, Anne Held (2016):
A prospective assessment of costs and benefits of renewable energy use in the European union
Article in Energy & Environment 27(1):10-27 · February 2016 DOI:10.1177/0958305X16638228.
M. Welisch, André Ortner, Gustav Resch (2016):
Assessment of RES technology market values and the merit-order effect - An econometric multi-country analysis
Article in Energy & Environment 27(1):105-121 · February 2016 DOI: 10.1177/0958305X16638574.
Kalt, G., Höher, M.; Lauk, C.; Schipfer, F.; Kranzl, L. (2016):
Carbon accounting of material substitution with biomass: Case studies for Austria investigated with IPCC default and alternative approaches.
Environmental Science & Policy 64, 155–163. doi:10.1016/j.envsci.2016.06.022 .
K. Zach, H. Auer (2016):
Contribution of bulk energy storage to integrating variable renewable energies in future European electricity systems
WIREs Energy Environ 2016. doi: 10.1002/wene.195.
Full paper:
PDF File  (2551 kb)
B. Dallinger, H. Auer (2016):
Cost/benefit analysis of transmission grid expansion to enable further integration of renewable electricity generation in Austria
Renewable Energy, 97, 189-196.
Full paper:
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R. Bointner, Simon Pezzutto, Gianluca Grilli, Wolfram Sparber (2016):
Financing Innovations for the Renewable Energy Transition in Europe
Special Issue "Energy Time Series Forecasting" Energies (ISSN 1996-1073), Energies 9, no. 12: 990. doi:10.3390/en9120990.
Full paper:
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A. Ortner (2016):
Modellbasierte Analyse des österreichischen Regelenergiemarktes
Energy Economics Group.
Full paper:
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Thrän, D., Witt, J.; Schaubach, K.; Kiel, J.; Carbo, M.; Maier, J.; Ndibe, C.; Koppejan, J.; Alakangas, E.; Majer, S.; Schipfer, F. (2016):
Moving torrefaction towards market introduction – Technical improvements and economic-environmental assessment along the overall torrefaction supply chain through the SECTOR project.
Biomass and Bioenergy. doi:10.1016/j.biombioe.2016.03.004 .
H. Auer, Haas Reinhard (2016):
On integrating large shares of variable renewables into the electricity market
Energy, 72, 1-10.
Full paper:
PDF File  (3258 kb)
R. Bointner, Simon Pezzutto, Wolfram Sparber (2016):
Scenarios of public energy research and development expenditures: financing energy innovation in Europe
WIREs Energy Environ. 2016. doi: 10.1002/wene.200.
A. Ajanovic, Reinhard Haas (2016):
The impact of energy policies in scenarios on GHG emission reduction in passenger car mobility in the EU-15
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews.
Full paper:
PDF File  (1894 kb)
M. Welisch, Gustav Resch, André Ortner (2016):
The integrated assessment of RES cooperation between the EU and its neighbours
Article in International Journal of Energy Sector Management 10(3):427-447 · September 2016 DOI: 10.1108/IJESM-01-2015-0004.
Kalt, G., Baumann, M.; Lauk, C.; Kastner, T.; Kranzl, L.; Schipfer, F.; Lexer, M.; Rammer, W.; Schaumberger, A.; Schriefl, E. (2016):
Transformation scenarios towards a low-carbon bioeconomy in Austria.
Energy Strategy Reviews 13–14, 125–133. doi:10.1016/j.esr.2016.09.004 .
H. Auer, F. Moisl, G. Lettner (2015):
Determination of Economic and Environmental Benefits of VPP-Based Demand Side Bidding in a Common Cross-Border Balancing Market for Austria, Slovenia and Italy
International Journal of Distributed Energy Resources and Smart Grids, 11(4), 331-347.
Full paper:
PDF File  (299 kb)
M. Hartner (2015):
East to west - THe optimal tilt angle and orientation of photovoltaic panels from an electricity system perspective
Applied Energy.
Full paper:
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W. Prüggler (2015):
for a list of publications click: http://publik.tuwien.ac.at/
A. Ajanovic (2015):
The future of electric vehicles: Prospects and impediments
WIREs Energy Environ.
Full paper:
PDF File  (2836 kb)
R. Bointner, Katharina Schubert (2015):
The influence of experience and knowledge on reactor safety in Germany
Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, Taylor & Francis, http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/00223131.2015.1087352.
A. Ajanovic, R. Haas (2014):
CO2-reduction potentials and costs of biomass-based alternative energy carriers in Austria
Energy, 69, 120–131,.
Full paper:
PDF File  (2233 kb)
R. Bointner (2014):
Innovation in the energy sector: Lessons learnt from R&D expenditures and patents in selected IEA countries
Energy Policy, Volume 73, October 2014, Pages 733-747, ISSN 0301-4215, http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.enpol.2014.06.001..
R. Haas, H. Auer, M. Hartner, G. Erdmann (2014):
Stromversorgung der Zukunft: Markt- oder Planwirtschaft?
Energiewirtschaftliche Tagesfragen 64(3), 16-20.
Full paper:
PDF File  (608 kb)
L. Kranzl, Müller A. (2014):
The role of biomass heating for EU energy policy targets
Bioenergy Sustainable Magazine, Issue 5.
A novel approach to exploring the concept of resilience and principal drivers in a learning environment.
Multicultural Education & Technology Journal, 7(2), Pp. 192–206..
R.K. Rezania, W. Prüggler (2013):
Wirtschaftliche Bewertung der Teilnahme eines stationären Speichersystems an den Regelenergiemärkten Österreichs
Journal Informatik-Spektrum, 10.1007/s00287-012-0669-5, February 2013, Volume 36, Issue 1, pp 69-77.
M. Hartner (2013):
A product orientated view on energy use - methodology to estimate energy conservation potentials along the supply chains of products using Input-Output Analysis
Orkestra, Instituto Vasco de Competitividad, Bilbao.
Full paper:
PDF File  (1174 kb)
Jan Steinbach , Mario Ragwitz, Veit Bürger, Liv Becker, Lukas Kranzl, Marcus Hummel, Andreas Müller (2013):
Analysis of harmonisation options for renewable heating support policies in the European Union
Energy Policy, Volume 59, pp. 59-70, http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.enpol.2011.11.086.
K. Zach, H. Auer, G. Körbler (2013):
Bereitstellung von Flexibilität durch großtechnische Elektrizitätsspeicher und Übertragungsnetzausbau in zukünftigen Energiesystemen mit hohem Anteil erneuerbarer Energien
8. Internationale Energiewirtschaftstagung (IEWT) in Vienna, Austria.
PDF File  (25 kb)
K. Zach, H. Auer (2013):
Contribution of Transmission Grid Interconnector Expansion to mitigate Surplus RES-Elctricity Generation in future Energy Systems
32nd USAEE/IAEE North American Conference in Anchorage (AK), USA.
PDF File  (120 kb)
A. Ajanovic, G. Jungmeier, M. Beermann, R. Haas (2013):
Driving on renewables – on the prospects of alternative fuels up to 2050 from an energetic point-of-view in EU countries
Journal of Energy Resources Technology, 135(3), 031201.
Full paper:
PDF File  (1552 kb)
Neuronal Network Based Modelling of Demand and Competing use of Forestry Commodities for Material and Energy use.
Energy Procedia, 40, Pp. 156–164..
Brandenberger, M , Matzenberger, J., Vogel, F. & Ludwig, C., (2013):
Producing synthetic natural gas from microalgae via supercritical water gasification: A techno-economic sensitivity analysis.
Biomass and Bioenergy, 51, Pp. 26–34..
A. Ajanovic (2013):
Renewable fuels - A comparative assessment from economic, energetic and ecological point-of-view up to 2050 in EU-countries
Renewable Energy 60, 733-738.
Full paper:
PDF File  (647 kb)
L. Kranzl, Marcus Hummel, Andreas Müller, Jan Steinbach (2013):
Renewable heating: Perspectives and the impact of policy instruments
Energy Policy, Volume 59, pp. 44-58, http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.enpol.2013.03.050.
R. Haas, Auer Hans, Lettner Georg, Duic Neven (2013):
The looming revolution: How photovoltaics will change electricity markets in Europe fundamentally
Energy 57, 38-43.
Full paper:
PDF File  (1907 kb)
R. Haas, A. Ajanovic (2013):
Wirtschaftliche und energetische Aspekte von Langzeitspeichern
e&i (Elektrotechnik & Informationstechnik).
Full paper:
PDF File  (875 kb)
R.K. Rezania, W. Prüggler (2012):
Business models for the integration of electric vehicles into the Austrian energy system
Vortrag: 9th International Conference on European Energy Market (EEM12), Florence, Italy; 10.05.2012 - 12.05.2012; in: "Proceedings", S. 1 - 9.
R.K. Rezania, R. Haas (2012):
Optimization of Micro-CHP systems in residential buildings from an economic and energetic point of view
International Journal of Distributed Energy Resources, 8 (2012), 3; S. 217 - 231.
Kalt, Gerald, Kranzl, Lukas (2012):
An assessment of international trade related to bioenergy use in Austria — Methodological aspects, recent developments and the relevance of indirect trade
Energy Policy.
D. Suna, Reinhard Haas (2012):
Analysis of Energy Saving Obligations for Utilities in European Implementing Countries
IRENEC- International 100% Renewable Energy Conference and Exhibition- June 28-30, 2012 / Istanbul, Turkey.
Full paper:
PDF File  (111 kb)
K. Zach, H. Auer (2012):
Bulk Energy Storage versus Transmission Grid Investments: Bringing Flexibility into Future Electricity Systems with high Penetration of Variable RES-Electricity
9th European Energy Market Conference in Florence, Italy.
K. Zach, H. Auer (2012):
Contribution of Bulk Energy Storage and Transmission Interconnectors to Mitigate Variability Caused by Large-scale RES-Electrictiy Generation in Future Energy Systems
12th IAEE European Energy Conference in Venice, Italy.
Full paper:
PDF File  (1421 kb)
D. Suna, Reinhard Haas (2012):
Discussion of Implementing Utility Obligations in Austria by Considering European Experiences
12. Symposium Energieinnovation an der TU Graz, February 15-17, 2012 / Graz, Austria.
Full paper:
PDF File  (370 kb)
K. Zach, H. Auer (2012):
Energiespeicher versus Übertragungsnetzerweiterung: Einbringung von Flexibilität in zukünftige Elektrizitätssysteme mit hohem Anteil variabler erneuerbarer Energien
12. Symposium Energieinnovation in Graz, Austria.
Schallenberg Julieta , Haas Reinhard (2012):
Fixed feed-in tariff versus premium: A review of the current Spanish system
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 16, 293– 305.
Full paper:
PDF File  (921 kb)
C. Panzer (2012):
Future investment costs of renewable energy technologies at volatile energy- and raw material prices – an econometric assessment
International IAEE conference in Perth (Australia).
A. Ortner, Hans Auer (2012):
Market compatible integration of renewable electricity generation – Potential and economics of biomass/biogas-CHP units
European Energy Markets Conference 2012.
Full paper:
PDF File  (997 kb)
A. Ajanovic, Carol Dahl, Lee Schipper (2012):
Modelling transport (energy) demand and policies — An introduction
Energy Policy 41 iii-xiv .
Full paper:
PDF File  (636 kb)
L. Kranzl, Kalt G., Müller A., Hummel M., Egger C., Öhlinger C., Dell G. (2012):
Renewable energy in the heating sector in Austria with particular reference to the region of Upper Austria
Energy Policy (2012), http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.enpol.2012.08.067.
C. Panzer (2012):
Successful integration of renewable electricity generation in the Gulf region
Gulf Research Meeting in Cambridge (UK).
A. Ajanovic, Schipper L. Haas R. (2012):
The impact of more efficient but larger new passenger cars on energy
Energy 48, 346-355.
Full paper:
PDF File  (818 kb)
A. Ajanovic, Haas R. (2012):
The role of efficiency improvements vs. price effects for modeling passenger car transport demand and energy demand — Lessons from European countries
Energy Policy 41, 36–46.
Full paper:
PDF File  (814 kb)
R. Haas, Panzer Christian, Resch Gustav, Ragwitz Mario, Reece Gemma, Held Anne (2011):
A historical review of promotion strategies for electricity from renewable energy sources in EU countries
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Review, 2011.
Full paper:
PDF File  (3485 kb)
G. Kalt, Lukas Kranzl (2011):
Assessing the economic efficiency of bioenergy technologies in climate mitigation and fossil fuel replacement in Austria using a techno-economic approach
Applied Energy 88 (2011) 3665-3684.
C. Redl, Derek W. Bunn (2011):
Determinants of the Premium in Forward Contracts
Working Paper Series.
Full paper:
PDF File  (373 kb)
A. Müller, L. Kranzl, P. Tuominen, E. Boelman, M. Molinari, A.G. Entrop (2011):
Estimating exergy prices for energy carriers in heating systems: Country analyses of exergy substitution with capital expenditures
Energy and Buildings, upcoming, doi. 10.1016/j.enbuild.2011.09.034.
K. Zach, H. Auer (2011):
Long-Term Grid Infrastructure Integration Strategies of Renewable Electricity Generation Technologies in Europe up to 2050
6th Conference on Energy Economics and Technology - ENERDAY in Dresden, Germany.
Full paper:
PDF File  (279 kb)
Heimo Bürbaumer, Ernst Gebetsroither, Ernst Schriefl, Gregor Thenius, Martin Baumann, Lukas Kranzl,Christof Paparella, Dominik Wiedenhofer, Markus Windhaber (2011):
MOZERT - Modelling Personal Carbon Allocation Schemes and Analysing their Impact on Households and Energy Systems
IAEE 2011.
Heimo Bürbaumer, Ernst Gebetsroither, Ernst Schriefl, Gregor Thenius, Martin Baumann, Lukas Kranzl,Christof Paparella, Dominik Wiedenhofer, Markus Windhaber (2011):
MOZERT - Modelling Personal Carbon Allocation Schemes and Analysing their Impact on Households and Energy Systems
IAEE 2011.
M. Kloess, Müller Andreas (2011):
Simulating the impact of policy, energy prices and technological progress on the passenger car fleet in Austria—A model based analysis 2010–2050
Energy Policy, Volume 39, Issue 9, pp. 5045-5062 .
M. Kloess, A. Müller (2011):
Simulating the impact of policy, energy prices and technological progress on the passenger car fleet in Austria—A model based analysis 2010–2050
Energy Policy, vol. 39, no. 9, pp. 5045–5062.
A. Ajanovic (2010):
Biofuels versus food production: Does biofuels production increase food prices?
Energy - The International Journal (forthcoming).
Full paper:
PDF File  (530 kb)
A. Ajanovic, R. Haas (2010):
Economic challenges for the future relevance of biofuels in transport in EU countries
Energy 35, 3340-3348.
Full paper:
PDF File  (787 kb)
G. Kalt, Lukas Kranzl, Reinhard Haas (2010):
Long-term strategies for an efficient use of domestic biomass resources in Austria
Biomass and Bioenergy 34 (2010) 449 - 466.
R. Rezania (2010):
F. Diesenreiter, L. Kranzl (2009):
Approaches for modelling the international trade of biomass for bioenergy
17th European Biomass Conference, Hamburg.
Full paper:
PDF File  (199 kb)
L. Kranzl (2009):
Biomasse zielgerichtet ausbauen
Forstzeitung 12-2009.
Full paper:
PDF File  (308 kb)
M. Kloess (2009):
Die Wirtschaftlichkeit teil- und voll elektrifizierter Antriebe in Österreich bis 2030
6. Internationale Energiewirtschaftstagung, Wien.
L. Kranzl, Gerald Kalt (2009):
Effizient einsetzen. Holzartige Biomasse ökologisch und ökonomisch sinnvoll nutzen
Pellets – das Fachmagazin der Pelletsbranche. 01/09..
C. Panzer, Gustav RESCH, Reinhard HAAS, Thomas FABER (2009):
Europe takes the challenge – the way forward in promoting renewable electricity
32nd IAEE International Conference; Energy, Economy and Environment, San Francisco CA.
PDF File  (35 kb)
Full paper:
PDF File  (182 kb)
C. Panzer, Gustav RESCH, Thomas FABER, Reinhard HAAS (2009):
Förderinstrumente zur Stromerzeugung aus Erneuerbaren Energien – die Qual der Wahl!
6. Internationale Energiewirtschaftstagung, Wien.
C. Panzer, Gustav RESCH, Thomas FABER, Reinhard HAAS (2009):
How to efficiently support renewable electricity – the future task in Europe
10th IAEE European Conference, Vienna.
C. Obersteiner, Lüder von Bremen (2009):
Influence of market rules on the economic value of wind power: an Austrian case study
Int. J. Environment and Pollution, Vol. 39, Nos. 1/2, pp.112–127.
F. Diesenreiter, L. Kranzl, G. Kalt (2009):
Internationaler Biomassehandel und Österreich: Status quo und Perspektiven für Bioenergie
6. Internationale Energiewirtschaftstagung an der TU Wien, Wien.
Full paper:
PDF File  (731 kb)
P. Biermayr, Werner Weiss, Natalie Glück (2009):
Photovoltaik, Solarthermie und Wärmepumpen in Österreich - Marktentwicklung 2008
Erneuerbare Energie - Zeitschrift für eine nachhaltige Energiezukunft, Vol. 2009-2.
Full paper:
PDF File  (3563 kb)
C. Redl, Reinhard Haas, Claus Huber, Bernhard Böhm (2009):
Price formation in electricity forward markets and the relevance of systematic forecast errors
Energy Economics 31(2009) 356-364.
M. Kloess, Weichbold A., Könighofer K. (2009):
Technical, Ecological and Economic Assessment of Electrified Powertrain Systems for Passenger Cars in a Dynamic Context (2010 to 2050)
24th Electric Vehicle Symposium EVS24, Stavanger.
Full paper:
PDF File  (486 kb)
M. Kloess (2009):
The road towards electric mobility - An energy economic view on hybrid- and electric vehicle technologies and the influence of policies on their diffusion
32nd IAEE International Conference, San Francisco .
Full paper:
PDF File  (649 kb)
D. Swider, L. Beurskens, S. Davidson, J. Twidell, J. Pyrko, W. Prüggler, H. Auer, K. Vertin, R. Skema (2008):
Conditions and costs for renewables electricity grid connection: Examples in Europe
Renewable Energy, 33, 1832–1842.
Full paper:
PDF File  (243 kb)
M. Kloess, Amela Ajanovic, Reinhard Haas (2008):
dynamic analysis of the economics of alternative vehicles and fuels in Austria up to 2050
Third International Conference on Ecological Vehicles & Renewable Energies EVER Monaco.
P. Biermayr, Andreas Müller, Lukas Kranzl (2008):
Erneuerbare Wärme und Kälte 2030
Erneuerbare Energie, Zeitschrift für eine nachhaltige Energiezukunft, Vol. 2008-1.
Full paper:
PDF File  (4716 kb)
A. Ajanovic, R. Haas (2008):
On modeling the impact of fuel prices and income on service and energy demand in individual transport in Austria –Evidence from the period 1970-2006
International Energy Workshop, IEA, Paris: 30 June-2 July 2008.
Full paper:
PDF File  (232 kb)
A. Ajanovic (2008):
On the economics of hydrogen from renewable energy sources as an alternative fuel in transport
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 33 (2008) 4223-4234.
Full paper:
PDF File  (1283 kb)
G. Resch, Anne HELD, Thomas FABER, Christian PANZER, Felipe TORO, Reinhard HAAS (2008):
Potentials and prospects for renewable energies at global scale
Energy Policy, Volume 36, Issue 11, Pages 4048-4056.
M. Kloess, J. Rechberger, R. Haas (2008):
Szenarien der Elektrifizierung des Antriebsstrangs individueller PKW bis 2050 in Österreich
E&I - Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik, Heft 11.
M. Kloess, Ajanovic, R. Haas (2008):
Szenarien der Marktdurchdringung alternativer Antriebe und Kraftstoffe für den Motorisierten Individualverkehr bis 2050
10. Symposium Energieinnovation, Graz.
R. Haas, H. Auer, Th. Faber, E. Wagner (2008):
The relevance of cross-border transmission capacities for competition in the Continental European Electricity market
International Journal of Global Energy Issues.
Full paper:
PDF File  (788 kb)
H. Auer (2008):
The Relevance of Unbundling for Competition in Electricity Markets: Implementation, Experience, and Requirements for the Future
International Journal of Global Energy Issues, 29, 1/2.
Full paper:
PDF File  (136 kb)
R. Haas, Nebojsa Nakicenovic, Amela Ajanovic, Thomas Faber, Lukas Kranzl, Andreas Müller, Gustav Resch (2008):
Towards sustainability of energy systems: A primer on how to apply the
Energy Policy 36, 4012-4021.
Full paper:
PDF File  (975 kb)
C. Panzer, Prüggler Wolfgang (2008):
Ökonomische und regulatorische Kriterien dezentraler Energieversorgung, angewandt in Dänemark und Österreich, mit speziellem Fokus auf Wind und Kraftwärmekopplungsanlagen
10. Symposium Energieinnovation – Energiewende in Graz.
D. Suna, Reinhard Haas, Assumpcio Lopez-Polo (2007):
Added Values of PV Systems from the Societies and Utilities Viewpoints
17th International Photovoltaic Science and Engineering Conference (PVSEC-17), December 3-7, 2007 / Fukuoka, Japan.
Full paper:
PDF File  (47 kb)
H. Auer, C. Obersteiner, W. Prüggler (2007):
Comparing Different Cost Allocation Policies for Large-Scale RES-E Grid Integration in Europe
International Journal of Distributed Energy Resources, 3(1), 9-30.
Full paper:
PDF File  (239 kb)
D. Suna, Reinhard Haas, Assumpcio Lopez-Polo (2007):
Country Specific Added Value Analysis of PV Systems
ISES Solar World Congress 2007, September 18-21, 2007 / Beijing, China.
Full paper:
PDF File  (63 kb)
L. Kranzl, Brakhage A., Gürtler P, Pett J., Ragwitz M., Stadler M. (2007):
Integrating policies for renewables and energy efficiency: Comparing results from Germany, Luxembourg and Northern Ireland
eceee 2007 summer study, 4-9 June 2007, La colle sur Loup, France. .
Michael Stadler , Lukas Kranzl, Claus Huber, Reinhard Haas, and Elena Tsioliaridou (2007):
Policy Strategies and Paths to promote Sustainable Energy Systems - The dynamic Invert Simulation Tool
Energy Policy, Volume 35, Issue 1, page 597 – 608, ISSN 0301-4215.
A. Ajanovic, R. Haas (2007):
Renewable energies in the transport sector: Costs and possibilities
eceee 2007 Summer Study, Proceedings, La Colle sur Loup, France, 4-9 June 2007.
A. Ajanovic (2007):
Vergleich von Energiesystemen mit Wasserstoff aus erneuerbarer Energie
e&i - elektrotechnik und informationstechnik, Springer Wien New York, heft 12.2007.
A new energy planning methodology for the penetration of renewable energy technologies in electricity sector – application for the island of Crete
Energy Policy, Volume 34, Issue 18, page 3757-3764, ISSN 0301-4215.
  (218 kb)
Full paper:
PDF File  (4729 kb)
L. Kranzl, Michael Stadler, Claus Huber, Reinhard Haas, Mario Ragwitz, Anselm Brakhage, Adam Gula, Arkadiusz Figorski (2006):
Deriving efficient policy portfolios promoting sustainable energy systems – case studies applying Invert simulation tool
Renewable Energy, Volume 31, Issue 15, page 2393-2410, ISSN 0960-1481.
H. Auer, C. Huber, T. Faber, G. Resch, C. Obersteiner, L. Weissensteiner, R. Haas (2006):
Economics of large-scale intermittent RES-E integration into the European grids: analyses based on the simulation software GreenNet
International Journal of Global Energy Issues, 25, 3/4.
Full paper:
PDF File  (498 kb)
L. Kranzl, Pett J., Stadler M., Gürtler P. (2006):
How can DSM programmes be optimised for successful delivery?
Paper at the conference EEDAL 06 – Energy Efficiency in Domestic Appliances and Lighting. London, June 2006.
D. Suna, Assumpcio Lopez-Polo, Reinhard Haas (2006):
Ländervergleich zur Effizienz von Förderstrategien zur Markteinführung der Photovoltaik
9. Symposium Energieinnovation an der TU Graz, February 15-17, 2006 / Graz, Austria.
Full paper:
PDF File  (59 kb)
A. Ajanovic, R.Haas, N. Nakicenovic (2006):
On the Economics of Hydrogen from Renewable Energy Sources vs Biofuels for future transport
26th USAEE/IAEE Annual North American Conference, Ann Arbor, MI, USA, September 24-27, 2006.
Held, A., Haas, R., Ragwitz, M. (2006):
Energy & Environment 17, Nr. 6, S. 849-868.
Full paper:
PDF File  (108 kb)
Michael Stadler, Ryan M. Firestone, Dimitri Curtil, and Chris Marnay (2006):
On-Site Generation Simulation with EnergyPlus for Commercial Buildings
ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings, Pacific Grove, California, ISBN 0-918249-56-2.
PDF File  (9 kb)
M. Klobasa, C. Obersteiner (2006):
Technical constraints and efficient strategies for the integration of wind energy
Energy & Environment, Vol. 17, No. 6, pp.885-906.
H. Auer (2006):
The Relevance of Unbundling for Large-Scale RES-E Grid Integration in Europe
Energy and Environment, 17(6), 907-928.
Full paper:
PDF File  (736 kb)
N. Keseric, Marcelo Saguan, Gino Hadjee (2005):
“Computer as thinking Agent: Modelling the European Power Markets using Agent-Based Simulation”
EUROCON 2005, IEEE Explore und Conference Proceedings, Serbia & Montenegro, Belgrade, November 2005.
M. Stadler, P. Palensky, B. Lorenz, M. Weihs, C. Roesener (2005):
Integral Resource Optimization Networks and their Techno-Economic Constraints
International Journal of Distributed Energy Resources, Volume 1 Number 4 October – December 2005, page 299 – 320, ISSN 1614-7138.
PDF File  (13 kb)
M. Stadler, Lukas Kranzl (2005):
Invert - Das Simulations- Tool zur Bewertung von Förderstrategien im Gebäude-, Strom- und Transportsektor
Internationale Energiewirtschaftstagung an der TU Wien.
Full paper:
PDF File  (527 kb)
L. Kranzl, Haas R. (2005):
Wirtschaftliche Bedeutung effizienter Biomasse-Nutzung
Agrarische Rundschau 4/2005. – Wien.
N. Keseric, Aleksandar Rankovic, Reinhard Haas (2005):
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