MASSIG - Market Access for Smaller Size Intelligent Electricity Generation

(Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE))
Contact:Carlo Obersteiner
Project Team:Reinhard Haas, Carlo Obersteiner
Oct 2007
30 months
Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (Project coordinator)
Energy Econimics Group - EEG
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The project will provide tools and guidance for investors / owners of RES and DG for finding innovative marketing options and approaches to make their engagement more independent from subsidies or grants. For this, the project will elaborate marketing concepts and technological approaches to help them selling electricity products generated by DG in a power range of up to some several hundred kW. Technologies using RES resources and co-generation are under special focus. Pre-conditions for entering electricity exchanges and offering various service products (e.g. minute reserve) will be described and action plans will be devised on how to achieve the required properties (e.g. by clustering a number of generation units or by combining different technologies with each other). For co-generation, the relation between thermal demand and electricity generation will be addressed as well. The application of load- / generation prognoses as well as operation management are tools to tailor the properties of decentralised “virtual power plants”.
last update: 2007-10-16

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