REFUND+ Refund individual investments in RES heating systems through direct tax measures

(Project in the frame of the programme "Intelligent Energy Europe")
Contact:Lukas Kranzl
Nov 2006
32 months
Consortium:Observ'ER Observatory of renewable energies
Lithuanian Energy Institute
VITO (Flemish institute for technological research), Belgium
Reserach Center on energy economics, transport and environment, CEEETA
EC Baltic REnewable Energy Centre, EC BREC
Further Project information:
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Core objectives

  • Evaluate ongoing experiences with direct tax measures as a promotion scheme for RES-Heat in the EU
  • Cross country analysis to determine best practices, success and failure factors
  • Deriving conclusions regarding the implementation and adaptation of such schemes

Core contents

  • Economic assessment of all ongoing experiences in the EU
  • Qualitative research on success and failure factors and on the role of tax measure in the purchasing process
  • Modelling of two case studies in Poland and Lithuania
The role of income tax measures for promoting RES-H in Europe: The project REFUND+:
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