futures-e - Deriving a future European Policy for Renewable Electricity

(IEE (Intelligent Energy - Europe))
Contact:Gustav Resch
Project Team:Reinhard Haas, Christian Panzer, Gustav Resch
Dec 2006
24 months
Consortium:Ambiente Italia srl – Istituto di Ricerche (AMBIT)
Risø National Laboratory · Technical University of Denmark – DTU
Energy Econimics Group - EEG
Lithuanian Energy Institute
EC Baltic REnewable Energy Centre, EC BREC
EGL Austria
Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research (Fraunhofer ISI)
Energy Restructuring Agency (ApE)
Homepage: www.futures-e.org
Further Project information:
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The core objective of this project was to better involve Member State stakeholders in the debate on policy optimisation & coordination for renewable electricity (RES-E) and the process of post 2010 target discussion. This aimed to pave the way for a successful and in the long-term stable deployment of RES-E in Europe.

This project led by EEG with involvement of in total nine partners all over Europe was conducted in the context of the discussion of the new EU Renewable Energy Directive (RES Directive) and the herewith established target of 20% renewable energy sources (RES) in EU’s energy mix by 2020. The approach for setting corresponding national RES targets for 2020 in that directive does not take account of differences in RES potential between Member States. Therefore various flexibility mechanisms have been discussed that should allow for cost-efficient target fulfilment.

The scenarios and analysis resulting from this project have been supporting this discussion. The consequences of policy choices on the future RES evolution and the corresponding cost are assessed in general, whereas a topical focus is put on renewable electricity (RES-E).

Key indicators for successful RES policies applied in this and other projects are based on the effectiveness (increase of RES deployment / exploitation of RES potentials) and the efficiency from the society’s point of view (support cost / consumer expenditures).

futures-e - action plan:
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last update downloads: 2009-11-25

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