EFONET - Energy Foresight Network

Contact:Christian Panzer
Project Team:Reinhard Haas, Lukas Kranzl, Christian Panzer
Jan 2008
30 months
Consortium:National Technical University of Athens
Politecnico di Torino
Universitá degli Studi di Padova
Institute for Energy Technology - Norway
Interdisciplinary Center for Technology Analysis and Forecasting
Dublin Institute for Technology
Enerdata France
Institute for Future Studies and Technology Assessment
Inasmet Foundation
Instituto di Studi per l’Intergazione dei Sistemi – ISIS
Homepage: www.efonet.org
Further Project information:
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In particular, EFONET aims at providing policy relevant inputs to the European Comission EC for the formulation, review and evaluation of European energy policies, notably in relation with:

  • the Review of the EU Energy Strategy
  • the Action Plan for Energy Efficiency
  • the SET (Strategic Energy Technology plan)

However, the ultimate objective of the EFONET project is to assess the contribution that current knowledge on energy foresight methods and on their practical application can provide to energy policy making, specifically in the framework of the transition towards a sustainable and low carbon energy system.

last update: 2009-11-26

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