The future potential for renewable energies – Assessment of their realisable mid-term potential up to 2020 at global scale (Global RE potentials 2020)

(Study on behalf of IEA)
Contact:Gustav Resch
Jun 2007
6 months
Further Project information:
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Core objective:

  • Assessment of the realisable mid-term potentials (up to a time horizon of 2020) for various renewable energy options at global scale.
  • Contribution to the analysis of the effectiveness and the efficiency of currently implemented renewable energy policies and measures and the corresponding future prospects for renewable energies in global markets.


  • Assessment of the realisable mid-term potentials for renewable energies in all energy sectors (electricity, heat and transport).
  • Geographical constraint: all OECD and BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) countries.
EEG is solely responsible for the administration and elaboration of all individual project tasks.
Paper - Potential and prospects for RES at global scale:
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