(Modellierung und Analyse der Wirkungen personenbezogener Zertifikatshandelsmechanismen auf Haushalte)
Contact:Lukas Kranzl
Sep 2009
24 months
Consortium:Austrian Energy Agency
Austrian Institute of Technology
eco-policy lab
The aim of our project is to develop the basis for a „climate-politics simulator” and to apply it for Austria, for investigating the effects of different personal carbon allocation schemes on the socio-economic situation of households and the energy system. Examples for these carbon allocation schemes considered include Cap and Share and TEQs, which can be applied complementary or alternatively to “classic” emissiontrading, as currently implemented within the EU-ETS. Methodically we will combine top-down and bottom-up modelling approaches (TIMES- energy model, System Dynamics Modelling and Agent Based Modelling). Agent Based Modelling will be used in cases where detailed consideration of selforganisation processes is necessary. This is e.g. the case for personal carbon allocation schemes, wherein the individual decision of different actor groups determines the overall systems behaviour.
last update: 2009-11-30

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