Deriving optimal promotion strategies for increasing the share of RES-E in a dynamic European electricity market - Green-X

(FP5 (Fifth EU framework programme for research and technological development))
Contact:Reinhard Haas
Project Team:Claus Huber, Gustav Resch
Oct 2002
24 months
EC - DG Research
The core objective of this project is to facilitate a significantly increased electricity generation from renewable energy sources (RES-E) in a liberalised electricity market with minimal costs to European citizen. To identify most important strategies the dynamic toolbox Green-X will be developed.

Related objectives are:

  • to find a set of efficient and sustainable dynamic instruments integrating strategies for RES-E, CHP generation, DSM activities and GHG-reduction;
  • to address / include major stakeholders and decision makers in the development process of the toolbox Green-X;
  • to disseminate the toolbox and the results to key stakeholders and policy makers.


By disseminating the toolbox and the results of this project to policy makers and various stakeholders, acceptance of an EU-wide effective promotion system will be improved.

Final report:
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last update: 2005-06-01

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