PV Enlargement - Technology transfer, demonstration and scientific exchange action for the establishment of a strong European PV sector

Contact:Reinhard Haas
Project Team:Reinhard Haas, Assumpcio Lopez-Polo
Jan 2003
48 months
Consortium:EC - DG TREN
Homepage: www.pvenlargement.com
“PV Enlargement” will boldly demonstrate Europe’s commitment for improved energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness of PV systems, enhancing the development of large European PV markets. The project can be subdivided into three major fields of activities:

  • Demonstration (> 1,150 kWp) of highly cost-effective or very innovative PV technologies in 10 European countries for increasing public awareness about and visibility of PV solar electricity
  • Transfer of PV Technology know-how among EU-15 and CEE countries
  • Inter-European scientific exchange for improving performance and efficiency of innovative PV technologies through interconnected monitoring of performance data, which will be made publicly accessible

last update: 2005-06-01

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