IEA-DSM Internationale Kooperation im Rahmen von IEA Demand Side Management (DSM) - Österr. Mitarbeit in task 17

Contact:Wolfgang Prüggler
Project Team:Maximilian Kloess, Rusbeh Rezania
Oct 2010
17 months
Further Project information:
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The main objective of this Task is to study how to achieve a better integration of flexible demand (Demand Response, Demand Side Management) with Distributed Generation, energy storages and Smart Grids. This would lead to an increase of the value of Demand Response, Demand Side Management and Distributed Generation and a decrease of problems caused by intermittent distributed generation (mainly based on renewable energy sources) in the physical electricity systems and at the electricity market.
Thus the integration means in this connection
- how to optimally integrate and combine Demand Response and Energy Efficiency technologies with Distributed Generation, Storage and Smart Grids technologies, at different network levels (low, medium and high voltage)
- and how to combine the above mentioned technologies to ideally support the electricity networks and electricity market
The Task will provide the integration based solutions and examples on successful best practices to the problems defined above to the different stakeholders.
last update: 2010-11-04

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