APCC - Austrian Panel on Climate Change Assessment Report

Contact:Nebojsa Nakicenovic
Project Team:Marcus Hummel, Lukas Kranzl, Nebojsa Nakicenovic
Jul 2011
36 months
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An assessment of climate change in Austria is proposed that has a number of related objectives that include

(1) compilation and integration of up-to-date knowledge and expertise on climate change and possible response strategies in Austria;

(2) increasing the scientific robustness of scientific findings by integrating those derived from different research approaches and methods and conducting independent peer-review of the APCC;

(3) contributing to informed societal decision making on climate change;

(4) providing policy-relevant technical support for response strategies, implementation of national commitments and positioning within the European Union and other international and global climate-related initiatives; and

(5) to identify knowledge gaps for future research and thereby advance an Austrian climate research agenda, scientific community building and develop a comprehensive literature and databases.

last update: 2011-08-17

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