DEFINE - Devlopment of an Evaluation Framework for the Introduction of Electromobility

Contact:Gerhard Totschnig
Project Team:Günther Körbler, Rusbeh Rezania, Gerhard Totschnig
May 2012
30 months
Further Project information:
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The aim of the project was to develop an evaluation framework for the introduction of electro mobility. The HiREPS model is used to simulate and analyses the combined effect of a high share of renewable energies and electric vehicles on the power systems. Further different user charging behaviours and the impact of smart charging of electric vehicles are analyzed.

Below you can find the TUWIEN simulation results for download. The general projekt hompage with the overall project report is found at
Impacts of charging strategies on costs and grids-TUWIEN:
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Presentation: 100% Electric Cars in AT+DE 2050:
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