RES-Pathways II - Renewable energy scenarios with GreenX in coupling with POLES

Contact:Gustav Resch
Project Team:Lukas Liebmann, André Ortner, Christian Panzer
Nov 2012
36 months
For assessing the market uptake of distinct renewable energy (RE) technologies the European Commission requires detailed modelling tools, whereby the POLES (Prospective Outlook for the Long-term Energy System) model, operated by the Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS), is one such modelling tool that has previously been used to provide quantitative information for EU policy discussions. The POLES model is a world simulation model for the energy sector, which describes energy supply and demand on a sectoral basis, allowing the development of detailed long-term world energy scenarios and greenhouse gas emission reduction pathways.

A closer link between the very detailed RES sector model Green-X, developed and hosted by the Vienna University of Technology, and the POLES model has been created in previous joint activities. The interface is well suited to address with Green-X very detailed questions on specific RE technologies or policies that go beyond the disaggregation level of the POLES renewable energy module, while keeping the response of the overall energy sector provided by POLES.

The core objective of this proposed project is to provide IPTS with the input from Green-X model runs in order to assess different renewable energy policy options in the EU until the year 2030 jointly with the Green-X and the POLES models.

The contract covers the production of around 20 scenarios with the Green-X model over a period of three years, whereas the relevant POLES-related work will be carried out by the IPTS. Moreover, in order to keep the two models well aligned, one update of techno-economic parameters shall be delivered to IPTS based on new Green-X data in the middle of the contract duration, especially in terms of techno-economic parameters of Croatia.

The work will provide detailed results of specific renewable energy scenarios produced with the Green-X model in combination with the POLES model. TU Wien is responsible for the set-up, implementation and analysis of the scenarios with Green-X (including a detailed documentation including assumptions and discussion), whereas the IPTS holds the responsibility for the implementation in POLES.

last update: 2012-12-20

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