Market4RES - Post 2020 framework in a liberalised electricity market with large share of Renewable Energy Sources

Contact:Bettina Dallinger
Project Team:Hans Auer, Bettina Dallinger
Apr 2014
30 months
APX Group
European Photovoltaic Industry Association - EPIA
European Wind Energy Association (EWEA)
SINTEF Energy Research (Coordinator; Norway)
Friends of the Super Grid - FOSG
Energy Econimics Group - EEG
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Market4RES investigates the potential evolution of the Target Model (TM) for the integration of EU electricity markets that will enable a sustainable, functioning and secure power system with large amounts of renewables.

With a focus on wholesale market design, Market4RES will identify and recommend steps for the implementation of policy, legislation and regulation across the different timeframes of energy markets. One key objective is the facilitation of dialogue amongst relevant stakeholders on which steps towards the most economically sustainable market design should be taken.

The EU Target Model for electricity market integration is expected to be fully implemented at pan-European level by 2015. It will include day-ahead price coupling, cross-border intraday continuous trading and long-term cross-border capacity allocation with harmonised rules. The TM is based on the principle of energy-only national markets interlinked through efficient mechanisms designed to take advantage of the complementarity of the different generation assets in Europe with the only limitation to cross-border trade being congestion constraints.

During the implementation of the Target Model, the share of variable renewable electricity (RES-E) will increase following the 2020 renewable energy and emission reduction targets. The Market4RES project aims to contribute to an open and transparent debate on how to best integrate these energy sources in the power system in a market-based way.

last update: 2014-03-17

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