Scientific Reference System on new energy technologies, energy end-use efficiency and energy RTD

(FP6 (Sixth European Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development))
Contact:Gustav Resch
Project Team:Reinhard Haas, Claus Huber, Christian Panzer, Gustav Resch
Jan 2005
42 months
EC - DG Research
National Technical University of Athens
Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research (Fraunhofer ISI)

This project will produce unbiased, validated, organised and scientifically agreed technical and economic information on renewable energy and end-use efficient energy technology. Moreover, comparisons with other clean energy technologies of comparable importance for sustainable development e.g., Fuel Cells, H2-vectors and Heat Pumps, will be done. In order to underpin sustainable energy R&TD-strategies, all energy technologies (incl. fossil, nuclear) will be covered in collecting all historical European energy R&TD expenditure data since the 1960s.Today, only fragmented or inconsistently categorised data is available. It lacks verification via quality systems and is not yet suited for comparative integration. The SRS resolves this: A EU-25 synopsis of available data will be co-ordinated, discrepancies will be discovered and possibly resolved, and best practice statistical methods identified. In an ERA approach, the SRS joins IEA, EU-institutional, national and academic data-providers, and experts for energy-technology, -economy and -policy research. Results will underpin future energy-economy-environment models and EU regulations with references, thus supporting sustainable energy policy and Global Change Mitigation.

The project structure consists of:
1) Co-ordination
2) Methodology
3) Technology Data Validation Synopsis
4) Energy R&TD Expenditure Data Gathering [public + private]
5) Consensus Building and Diffusion for Decision Support.

The last work-package will integrate, publish and disseminate results from all work-packages via an open platform for stakeholders to feedback i.e., the interested scientific community, policy- and decision-makers and public. There will be a Yearly Report, and a stakeholders' conference for scientific and political Consensus Building near end-of-project.

SRS Report on potentials for RES:
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last update downloads: 2009-11-25

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