Technological options for mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions

Contact:Nebojsa Nakicenovic
Project Team:Andreas Müller
Jan 2005
36 months
Consortium:ARC systems research (Projektleiter)
BoKu, Institut für Landtechnik
A 3-year research project has been initiated to suggest options for the mitigation of Austria’s national greenhouse gas emissions, and for the quantification of their potential and costs. The present report describes the activities of the first year. Austria’s national greenhouse gas emissions have been broken down into four sectors, mostly (but not fully) in line with the division suggested by IPCC. These four sectors (energy, processes, agriculture, soils) are being dealt with in individual work packages, with the respective sector experts in charge. While the approaches chosen and the priorities of work differ widely between the work packages, care has been taken to focus on the linkages and interferences between sectors. A common structure has been developed, which will provide the basis for data collection and evaluation in the future project phases.
Final report:
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Zusammenfassung für Entscheidungsträger („Executive Summary“):
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