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Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Gustav Resch

E-Mail:resch (at) eeg.tuwien.ac.at
Address:Gusshausstrasse 25-29/370-3
A-1040 Wien
Recent presentations and publications

Gustav Resch joined the Energy Economics Group in 2000. He holds a degree in electrical engineering (Energy Technology) and a PhD in energy economics at Vienna University of Technology. He is working since several years as senior researcher in the area of energy policy and energy modelling with a focus on renewable energy technologies - responsible for research, project acquisition and scientific coordination.

His fields of activity include potential and cost assessment of (renewable) energy technologies, evaluation and design assessment of energy policy instruments and energy modelling (focusing on policy interactions and technology dynamics).

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PhD (Dr.) – Doctor degree in energy economics (Dr. techn.) at Vienna University of Technology
PhD-thesis: Dynamic cost-resource curves for electricity from renewable energy sources and their application in energy policy assessment
Senior researcher at the Energy Economics Group
Graduation (Diplomingenieur) at Vienna University of Technology
Diploma thesis: Promotion strategies for renewable energy sources in the liberalised electricity market of the EU
since 12/2000
Research assistant at the Institute of Energy Economics
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Projects (selection)
Renewables up to 2030 (international)
Stromzukunft Österreich 2030 (national)
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Publications (selection)
G. Resch, Marijke Welisch, Lukas Liebmann, Barbara Breitschopf, Anne Held, A prospective assessment of costs and benefits of renewable energy use in the European union, Article in Energy & Environment 27(1):10-27 · February 2016 DOI:10.1177/0958305X16638228, 2016.
R. Haas, Panzer Christian, Resch Gustav, Ragwitz Mario, Reece Gemma, Held Anne, A historical review of promotion strategies for electricity from renewable energy sources in EU countries, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Review, 2011, 2011.
Full paper:
PDF File  (3485 kb)
G. Resch, Anne HELD, Thomas FABER, Christian PANZER, Felipe TORO, Reinhard HAAS, Potentials and prospects for renewable energies at global scale, Energy Policy, Volume 36, Issue 11, Pages 4048-4056, 2008.
R. Haas, Nebojsa Nakicenovic, Amela Ajanovic, Thomas Faber, Lukas Kranzl, Andreas Müller, Gustav Resch , Towards sustainability of energy systems: A primer on how to apply the, Energy Policy 36, 4012-4021, 2008.
Full paper:
PDF File  (975 kb)
G. Resch, R. Haas, T. Faber, C. Huber, Experience curves vs dynamic cost-resource curves, 2003.
G. Resch, C. Huber, A. Lopez-Polo, Dynamischer Ausbau erneuerbarer Energieträger in Österreich, 2003.
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