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Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Michael Stadler

E-Mail:MStadler (at) cet.or.at
Affiliation:Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
University of California, Berkeley
One Cyclotron Road
Berkeley, CA-94720, USA
Time at Energy Economics Group:
  • 11/2000 – 08/2005
Tasks at EEG:
  • Researcher and Software Designer
Research Fields:
  • Combined Heat and Power applications for residential, commercial, and industrial costumers
  • Electricity Markets
  • Deregulation
  • Integration of Renewable Energy Sources into the grid
  • Demand Response Programs
  • Software Design
PHD Thesis:
  • The relevance of demand-side-measures and elastic demand curves to increase market performance in liberalized electricity markets: The case of Austria, Diss, 2003

Michael Stadler is a Research Scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, California, USA. He studied at Vienna University of Technology, from which he holds a Master’s degree in electrical engineering and a Ph.D. summa cum laude in energy economics. He is also the general manager and founder of the Center for Energy and innovative Technologies (CET) in Austria. Michael published more than 145 papers, journal papers, reports, as well as five software tools in his 10 year career so far. He published or contributed to 15 high-level international journal papers, e.g. contributions to IEEE, Energy Policy, Applied Energy, or Renewable Energy. He is also very active at American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) and European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ECEEE) conferences. In recent years, Michael has been focusing more and more on microgrids and smart grids as well as combined heat and power (CHP), which is considered as an efficiency measure to reduce CO2 emissions and he has become a leader in operations research for distributed generation (DG) with and without CHP.

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Publications (selection)
M. Stadler, The relevance of demand-side-measures and elastic demand curves to increase market performance in liberalized electricity markets: The case of Austria, Dissertation., Begutachter: R. Haas, A. Stepan; Institut für Elektrische Anlagen und Energiewirtschaft, 2003.
Full paper:
PDF File  (2063 kb)
Stadler Michael, Chris Marnay, Maximilian Kloess, Gonçalo Cardoso, Gonçalo Mendes, Afzal Siddiqui, Ratnesh Sharma, Olivier Mégel, Judy Lai: Optimal Planning and Operation of Smart Grids with Electric Vehicle Interconnection, Journal of Energy Engineering, American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Special Issue: Challenges and opportunities in the 21st century energy infrastructure, Volume 138, Issue 2, June 2012,
Download: http://der.lbl.gov/sites/der.lbl.gov/files/LBNL%20-%205251E_0.pdf, 2012.
Markus Groissböck, Michael Stadler, Afzal Siddiqui, Somayeh Heydari, Martin Henkel, Janis Stirna, Emilio Lopez, Javier Moguerza, Eugenio Perea, Optimizing Distributed Energy Resources, Passive Measures, and the daily Operation at Campus Pinkafeld, e-nova international congress 2012, University of Applied Science Campus Pinkafeld, Nov. 22-23 2011, Pinkafeld, Austria,
Download: http://www.cet.or.at/pdf_files/ENOVA-Paper%20for%20CET.pdf, 2011.
Michael Stadler, Afzal Siddiqui, Chris Marnay, Hirohisa Aki, Judy Lai: Control of Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Optimal DER Technology Investment and Energy Management in Zero-Net-Energy Buildings, European Transactions on Electrical Power 2010, Special Issue on Microgrids and Energy Management, Volume 21, Issue 2, Online ISSN: 1546-3109, LBNL-2692E,
Download: http://der.lbl.gov/sites/der.lbl.gov/files/lbnl-2692e.pdf, 2010.
Michael Stadler , Lukas Kranzl, Claus Huber, Reinhard Haas, and Elena Tsioliaridou, Policy Strategies and Paths to promote Sustainable Energy Systems - The dynamic Invert Simulation Tool, Energy Policy, Volume 35, Issue 1, page 597 – 608, ISSN 0301-4215, 2007.
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