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Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Karl Anton Zach

E-Mail:karl.zach (at) cyber-grid.com
Affiliation:cyberGRID GmbH
Project Manager
since 04/2014
Time at Energy Economics Group:
  • 01/2009 – 12/2013
Tasks at EEG:
  • Researcher
Research Fields:
  • Electricity Storage
  • Grid and Market Integration of renewable Electricity
  • (Long-term) Electricity Generation and Demand Scenarios
PHD Thesis:
  • Grid Infrastructure Needs and Costs for Renewable Technology Market Integration (2014)

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Publications (selection)
K. Zach, H. Auer, Contribution of Bulk Energy Storage and Transmission Interconnectors to Mitigate Variability Caused by Large-scale RES-Electrictiy Generation in Future Energy Systems, 12th IAEE European Energy Conference in Venice, Italy, 2012.
Full paper:
PDF File  (1421 kb)
K. Zach, H. Auer, G. Körbler, G. Lettner, The Role of Bulk Energy Storage in Facilitating Renewable Energy Expansion, Short Publication for the IEE project "stoRE", 2012.
Full paper:
PDF File  (3026 kb)
K. Zach, H. Auer, Long-Term Grid Infrastructure Integration Strategies of Renewable Electricity Generation Technologies in Europe up to 2050, 6th Conference on Energy Economics and Technology - ENERDAY in Dresden, Germany, 2011.
Full paper:
PDF File  (279 kb)
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