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Dipl.-Ing. Dr. André Ortner

E-Mail:ortner (at) eeg.tuwien.ac.at
Phone:+43 1 58801 370367
Fax:+43 1 58801 370397
Affiliation:Gusshausstrasse 25-29/370-3
A-1040 Wien
André Ortner is a researcher at the Energy Economics Group at the Technical University of Vienna. He holds a PhD in energy economics and a master of Science in electrical engineering (power engineering and energy economics) from Vienna University of Technology and has studied at the Vienna University of Business Administration, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and Universidad de Sevilla with coursework in business administration, innovation management and entrepreneurship.

At the energy economics group he participates in several international research and consulting projects in the field of energy economics and energy system modelling. His research interests comprise the analysis of regulatory and technological framework conditions for the promotion of renewable energy technologies and the application of mathematical programming in energy models.

Currently, he is involved in several EU projects which aim to evaluate current and also feasible EU Member State support schemes for renewable energies and to guide a European policy for renewable energy sources (RES) in the mid- to long term.

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Publications (selection)
M. Hartner, East to west - THe optimal tilt angle and orientation of photovoltaic panels from an electricity system perspective, Applied Energy, 2015.
Full paper:
PDF File  (3555 kb)
A. Ortner, Electricity Balancing Markets in Europe - Fundamental modeling approaches and case studies assuming perfect competition, Technische Universität Wien, 2017.
A. Ortner, Modellbasierte Analyse des österreichischen Regelenergiemarktes, Energy Economics Group, 2016.
Full paper:
PDF File  (1964 kb)
A. Ortner, The role of RES cooperation between the EU and Turkey, IRENEC 2013, 26-29th June 2013, Istanbul, Turkey., 2013.
A. Ortner, Multi-market unit-commitment and capacity reserve prices in systems with a large share of hydro power: a case study, European Energy Markets Conference 2013, 2013.
Full paper:
PDF File  (5527 kb)
A. Ortner, RES cooperation between the EU and third countries, Renewable energy prospects in Turkey, OME workshop, 16-17th April 2013, Istanbul, Turkey, 2013.
A. Ortner, Hans Auer, Market compatible integration of renewable electricity generation – Potential and economics of biomass/biogas-CHP units, European Energy Markets Conference 2012, 2012.
Full paper:
PDF File  (997 kb)
Christian Nabe, Ortner A., D13 Report: Network extension requirements for an enhanced RES deployment, http://www.reshaping-res-policy.eu/downloads/Re-Shaping_D13_Network_extension_requirements_final.pdf, 2011.
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