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Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Sara Fritz

E-Mail:fritz (at) eeg.tuwien.ac.at
Phone:+43 1 58801 370381
Fax:+43 1 58801 370397
Affiliation:Gusshausstrasse 25/370-3
A-1040 Wien
Sara Fritz joined the Energy Economics Group at TU Wien in 2013. She holds a degree in Mathematics in Economics and a PhD in energy economics at TU Wien.
She was involved in the interdisciplinary Doctorate Course URBEM - Urban Energy and Mobility Systems - which was instituted as cooperation of TU Wien and the Vienna Public Utilities Company with the aim to research and develop an interactive environment for analyzing scenarios. (http://urbem.tuwien.ac.at/home/EN/)
She is working in the field of energy economics, energy system modelling and heating and cooling planning. Her main research interests cover the future role of district heating and the evaluation of the interaction between the long-term investment decisions for the heat supply infrastructure and the development of the buildings heat demand.

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Publications (selection)
S. Fritz, Economic assessment of the long-term development of buildings' heat demand and grid-bound supply, TU Wien, 2016.
Johannes M. Schleicher, Michael Vögler, Christian Inzinger, Sara Fritz, Manuel Ziegler, Thomas Kaufmann, Dominik Bothe, Julia Forster, Schahram Dustdar, A Holistic, Interdisciplinary Decision Support System for Sustainable Smart City Design., International Conference on Smart Cities (SMART-CT 2016), June 15-17, 2016, Malaga, Spain, 2016.
Julia Forster, Sara Fritz, Nikolaus Rab, Solar heat strategies for Vienna: identifying regions with highly reliable and affordable potential, AESOP Prague Annual Congress, July 13-16, 2015, Prague, Czech Republic, 2015.
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