Directions from the Vienna Airport:

The international Airport of Vienna is situated 20 kilometers south east of the center of town. To get there, you can choose between:


You can choose between two different types of trains: the City Airport Train (CAT) an the regular train (S7). Both trains arrive at the station "Landstraße Wien-Mitte". This subway station offers two different connections : line U4 (green) and line U3 (orange). To get to our department, take the subway U4 (direction Hütteldorf). At the station Karlsplatz (second station) get off the train.

The City Airport Train has a frequency of 30 minutes and it takes 16 minutes to get to the station "Landstraße Wien-Mitte". The ticket costs 11€ for one direction (17€ for a round trip ticket).
Further information and time table: CAT.
The frequency of the regular train is 30 minutes however it takes 30 minutes to the city center. The ticket costs 4€ for one direction.
Further information: Vienna International Airport.


Shuttle Bus:

The shuttle-bus fee is 8€. The shuttle bus takes 20 minutes to Schwedenplatz-Morzinplatz (station at hotel Capricorno). The subway station at Schwedenplatz offers two different connections : line U4 (green) and line U1 (red). To get to the department, you can choose between them (U1: direction Reumannplatz (two stations), U4: direction Hütteldorf (three stations)). At the station Karlsplatz get off the train.

Further Information: Vienna AirportLines



This way of transportation costs approximately 30 € (from the airport to every destination in Vienna). The actual price depends on the taxi company. Please inform yourself about the actual price.