Advanced Balancing Services for Transmission System Operators

  • Ongoing
  • Started: Mar 2018
  • Expected end: Dec 2021


Project description

The extraordinary increase of renewable generation units in Europe connected to the transmission and distribution grid via inverter systems highly impacts the dynamic behaviour of the energy system. In contrast to conventional synchronous machines, which dampen frequency deviations due to their inherent inertia, such inverter-connected generation units, like wind and photovoltaics, act inertia-free and therefore do not support frequency stability. Hence, the future need for system services providing highly dynamic reactions to compensate these effects needs to be assessed. This includes a detailed analysis of the expected system parameters, possible implementation requirements and specific limitations of the analysed technologies and system services. As the current regulatory framework foresees those types of system services only partially this aspect has to be investigated, as well.Within the scope of this project, the characteristics of highly dynamic system services, supporting future system stability and security shall be analysed. Based on
an estimation of future system needs an appropriate general framework as well as conditions for provision of specific services are examined. Special focus is given to a technology-neutral design of such system services. The following applications are examined:

  • Frequency stabilisation via synthetic inertia
  • Enhanced frequency response
  • Attenuation of system oscillations
  • Fast post fault active power recovery
  • Reduction of deterministic frequency deviations
  • Frequency stabilisation according defence plan
  • Frequency stabilisation in case of system restauration

Due to their characteristics, battery storage systems are optimally suitable to provide these  system services. Additionally they can provide the necessary mobility and scalability within this project. Therefore within the scope of this project a battery storage system (approx. 1MW/500 kWh) will be installed as a reference implementation in order to assess the defined applications and services. Based on the investigation of the defined system services the following project results shall be reached:

  1. Proof of concept for the applicability in the field of system services for dynamic frequency support in converter based systems
  2. Technology-neutral formulation of possible future, high dynamic system services
  3. Specification of technical requirements and sizing of assets providing such services
  4. Economic potential of future market products
  5. System impact of such new system services assuming an upscaled implementation
  6. Concept development for testing, monitoring and evaluating of the correct provision of services
  7. Development of suitable environment for the provision of the analysed services

Last updated: 14 Sep 2021