Advanced Balancing Services for Transmission System Operators

  • Mar 2018Dec 2021

Project description

The increase in renewable generation units in Europe connected to the transmission and distribution grid via inverters has significant implications for the dynamic behavior of the electricity system. Unlike conventional synchronous machines, which dampen frequency deviations due to their inherent inertia, such inverter-connected generation units as wind and photovoltaics behave inertia-free and therefore do not contribute to frequency stability. Therefore, the future need for system services that respond in a highly dynamic manner to compensate for these effects must be evaluated. This includes a detailed analysis of expected system parameters, potential implementation requirements, and specific limitations of the technologies and system services analyzed. Battery storage systems are ideally suited to provide these system services due to their characteristics. In addition, they can provide the necessary mobility and scalability. Therefore, in the context of this project ABS4TSO a battery storage system (approx. 1MW/500 kWh) has been installed as a reference implementation to evaluate the defined applications and services. 

Last updated: 19 Mar 2022