AUctions for Renewable Energy II

  • Ongoing
  • Started: Nov 2018
  • Expected end: Oct 2021


Project description

AURES II (AUctions for Renewable Energy II) aims at ensuring the effective implementation of auctions for Renewable Energy Sources (RES) in EU Member States.

Building on the insights of the recently finalized AURES project, AURES II investigates auction design options in more detail to determine their policy performance depending on different policy objectives, and give recommendations on their use.

In AURES II a multi-methodological approach is applied, including literature review, theoretical analysis, case studies, surveys, interviews, and empirical and quantitative methods such as econometric analysis and model simulations.

This approach is accompanied by a strong involvement of relevant stakeholders, including policy makers and industry representatives. The active dialogue AURES II aims at setting allows stakeholder to learn from best practice and facilitates capacity building across borders in Europe.

Extending the successful work of AURES, new topics that will be investigated include the implementation of technology-specific versus technology-neutral support schemes, exemptions from competitive support allocation for small scale installations, a compulsory cross-border opening of support, special provisions for RES community projects and the effects of auctions on financing conditions for renewables.
In addition, to fill the current gap of a structured overview, AURES II is committed to the developement of a comprehensive online database of auction rounds in the EU, where results, details on auction design, and financing conditions will be made freely accessible.

Last updated: 01 Aug 2019