Overview of District Heating and Cooling Markets and Regulatory Frameworks under the Revised Renewable Energy Directive

  • Ongoing
  • Started: Jan 2020
  • Expected end: Apr 2021


Project description

The Directorate-General for Energy of the European Commission (DG ENER) has awarded an ambitious study, which will provide a thorough, in-depth analysis of district heating and cooling (DHC) markets in the EU, Norway, Iceland and Ukraine to a consortium led by Tilia. The other members of the consortium include some of the most prestigious EU research centres: TU Wien, IREES, Öko Institut, and Fraunhofer Institute.

Expected to be published by the end of 2021, the study includes case study analyses of best practices in integration of renewable energy sources and waste heat or cold in DHC covering at least 30% of the total production. Each case will be analysed through a holistic approach, aimed at identifying replicable, cost efficient best practices in various environments.

The topics to be covered within this project include, but not limited to:

  • Overview of the district heating and cooling sector in the EU Member States and other selected European countries,
  • Regulatory regimes for district heating and cooling, in particular Third Parties Access (TPA), pricing mechanisms and supporting schemes,
  • Technical conditions and requirements for access to district heating and cooling networks,
  • Overview of smart metering in heating and cooling sector,
  • Renewable energy sources in district heating and cooling,
  • Urban and spatial aspects of district heating and cooling,
  • Use of waste heat and cold and how these sources are taken into account in the district's energy supply.

Last updated: 27 Mar 2020