Employment and economic growth impacts of sustainable energies in the European Union

  • Finished
  • Started: Dec 2007
  • Ended: Jun 2009


Project description

This study aimed at presenting a complete analysis of employment and economic growth impacts from renewable energy in Europe, observing past, present and future prospects.

A consortium of six European Institutions led by Fraunhofer ISI conducted the following tasks within this project:

  • An analysis on direct and indirect gross economic and employment impacts resulting from past and present RES developments for each of the 27 EU member countries and each of the RES technologies.
  • A business-as-usual scenario, an improved-policy-scenario and a no-policy-scenario on the future deployment of renewables in the EU-27 up to 2030, and various sensitivity analyses around scenario assumptions and boundary conditions.
  • An in depth analysis of the future gross and net economic and employment impacts in the EU-27 up to 2030 resulting from the three scenarios given above based on a validated and transparent macro-economic modelling approach.
  • A stakeholder consultation and a peer review aimed at validation of the methodology, assumptions and results of the work.


Last updated: 07 Dec 2009