The future role of gas infrastructure in a climate-neutral Austria by 2040

  • Mar 2022May 2023

Project description

The aim of this study is to analyze the future role of gas infrastructure in a climate-neutral Austria by 2040. The basis for a climate-neutral Austria are the objectives developed by the government, which need to be translated into practice. These objectives give rise to a number of questions, which this study aims to help answer: Where will (climate-neutral) gases be needed in the future? Which (climate-neutral) gases will be used in the future (e.g. renewable hydrogen, biomethane)? Where will these (climate neutral) gases come from in the future? What gas (network) infrastructure will (still) be needed for this and what other transport options will be available? How does Austria's international integration play into this? What conclusions can be drawn from this and what could a roadmap for the restructuring of the gas infrastructure look like (with special emphasis on the gas network)? The focus of this study is to create a technically sound as well as broadly accepted basis for decision making. The study focuses on the transformation process of the Austrian gas sector towards climate neutrality in 2040 and aims to estimate volumes, flow rates and structure of the future gas as well as hydrogen network as concrete as possible. The focus is on newly planned infrastructures, but above all also on the use of existing gas infrastructures. The results will be incorporated into the integrated Austrian Network Infrastructure Plan.

Last updated: 10 Jun 2023