Heating and Cooling: Open Source Tool for Mapping and Planning of Energy Systems

  • Oct 2016Oct 2020

Project description

HotMaps develops, demonstrates and disseminates a toolbox to support public authorities, energy agencies and planners in strategic heating and cooling planning at local, regional and national levels in line with EU policies. The toolbox facilitates the following tasks at a spatially disaggregated level: (i) Mapping of heating and cooling energy including renewable and waste heat potentials in GIS layers. (ii) Modeling of the energy system considering hourly matching of supply and demand, demand response, and others. (iii) Support comprehensive assessment of efficient heating and cooling as per the Energy Efficiency Directive. (iv) Comparative assessment of supply and demand options and of given scenarios to 2050, e.g., in terms of CO2 emissions, costs, and renewable energy share. An open dataset will be created for EU countries to perform these tasks in virtually any EU region up to a size of 250x250m, reducing the hurdles for authorities in heating and cooling planning. The software is developed in close cooperation with the target groups and validated and demonstrated in 7 pilot areas to provide a tested and user-friendly software fully adapted to the users' needs.

Last updated: 15 Mar 2022