Economic reassessment of future deployment of renewable energies in Austria as well as of corresponding investment and support expenditures

  • Finished
  • Started: Jul 2018
  • Ended: Nov 2018


Project description

In its final version of the Climate and Energy Strategy in June 2018, the Austrian Federal Government postulated an ambitious goal with regard to the domestic expansion of renewable energies: the goal is to generate electricity by 2030 in such a way that electricity consumption is fully met by electricity generated from renewable energy sources (on an annual basis).

In view of the current political requirements, a comprehensive economic reassessment of the expansion of renewable energies in Austria by 2030 and of the investment and promotional needs that are consistent with them appear to serve the political discussion.

Using the Green-X model of the Vienna University of Technology, which depicts the influence of energy policy instruments on the market for renewable energies and their actors in great detail, an economic reassessment of the expansion of renewable energies in Austria's electricity sector was carried out in this study current political goals and targets, such as the full-scale balance sheet supply based on renewable energies in the year 2030 required by the current Austrian climate and energy strategy. The economic assessment is based on a transparent presentation of the investments related to the achievement of the objectives and the support requirements as well as the underlying assumptions.

Last updated: 29 Jul 2019