Leveraging Networked Data for the Digital Electricity Grid

  • Jan 2018Jul 2021

Project description

The Net2DG project develops a proof-of-concept solution based on off-the-shelf computer hardware and using existing communication technologies to leverage the measurement capabilities of smart meters and DER inverters in the low-voltage grid. The Net2DG solution correlates this data with information from existing Distribution System Operators (DSOs) subsystems to enable and develop novel low-voltage grid observation applications for voltage quality, grid operation efficiency, and low-voltage grid outage diagnosis. The observation capability gained then is leveraged by specially developed novel control coordination approaches that leverage existing smart meter and inverter actuation capabilities in conjunction with selected existing DSO actuation to improve voltage quality and minimize losses in the low-voltage grid. The use of off-the-shelf components, system-level resilience, and adaptability of the Net2DG approach specifically address the needs of small and medium-sized distribution system operators.

Last updated: 20 Mar 2022