Public Authorities together with a holistic network approach on the way to low-carbon municipalities

  • Sep 2020 — Aug 2023

Project description

The overarching goal of the PATH2LC project is to support policy makers and authorities at the local level in the transition process to a low-carbon society. Through a holistic network approach, stakeholders in authorities are linked between municipalities to enable peer-to-peer learning and increase engagement on energy and climate change. The network approach will also accelerate the implementation of Sustainable Energy (and Climate) Action Plan (SE(C)AP) actions. The PATH2LC project will promote the exchange of existing knowledge and experiences between municipalities, improve coordination between different administrative bodies within municipalities, and enhance collaboration with local stakeholders and civil society. It will also provide government stakeholders with the necessary planning and monitoring tools to implement transition roadmaps. The following five existing networks are the starting point for the project: UCSA - Joint Office for Environmental Sustainability (Italy), Sustainable City Network (Greece), OesteSustentável (Portugal), Cities Northern Netherlands (NL), Rhône Network (FR).

Last updated: 21 Jan 2023