RNP (Renewable Networking Platform)

Development of a networking platform and support to local and regional authorities for renewable energy development

  • Ongoing
  • Started: Mar 2017
  • Expected end: Feb 2021


Project description

The general objective of this project is to support the Commission in the process of adopting a suitable framework for meeting 2030 energy and climate targets, and in particular the 2030 RES target. To this end, it consists of two interlaced objectives:

1. The consortium will produce relevant and robust input on MS RES policies. Changes of the national framework shall be recognized, explained and their impact on the 2030 target shall be assessed. The information shall be communicated from and through a national RES stakeholder network, the different communication events, reports and a project database. To this end, the consortium has to provide the following abilities and features:

  • An extensive network across all Member States of RES stakeholders that permeates the national RES economies like nerve fibers, acts like an early warning system and detects possible upcoming policy changes which may put the achievement of the 27% target at risk;
  • A pool of experienced experts being able to classify and assess national changes from a quantitative and qualitative perspective. The experts shall combine data collection abilities in all EU MS, modelling skills and in-depth experience in upcoming issues such as tendering and cooperation mechanisms;
  • The ability to communicate results in a way that it is tailored to the respective listener and the respective format.

2. The Consortium will involve European, national, and local/regional political, industrial and social actors that are related to RES deployment. To this end, the project foresees a two-tier approach. One objective contains actions, which address experts from the RES sector rather at European and national level such as policy makers, members of parliament, regulators, scientific experts, industrial representative and citizen groups. It aims at enhancing the communication and connection between these groups and at providing them with the necessary background information for discussions and campaigns at national and European level. The second objective focusses on actions at regional and local level. It addresses local and regional entities that shall be supported in their endeavors.

Last updated: 29 Jul 2019