The European Network for Energy Economcs Research (ENER), Contr. ENG2-CT-2000-20337

  • Finished
  • Started: Jan 2001
  • Ended: Jul 2003


Project description

Objectives of the ENER Network

The objectives of member institutes of ENER are:

• to bring to debate latest research results concerning the relationship of energy, climate change and economic issues to relevant stakeholders in policy, industry, academia, and NGOs

• to strengthen the links between national centres in energy policy and economics research

• to use the network as a springboard for collaborative research on a European scale

These objectives are met by:

• exchanging research results and report

• exchanging members of staff

• producing a joint ENER bulletin containing brief analyses and research results of current energy isssues

• convening regularly in joint working seminars for discussing research in progress

• pproach improves the analysis and understanding


Last updated: 01 Jun 2005