Christoph Loschan

 Christoph Loschan

Christioph joined the Energy Economics Group (EEG) as a research associate and PhD candidate in October 2020 after finishing his bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering and master's degree in Energy Systems and Automation Engineering, both at TU Wien. His research focuses on the European electricity market with increasing shares of variable renewable electricity generation. In this context, Christoph further develops EEG's electricity market model EDisON and extends its functionalities in several directions. This also includes the integration of distributed flexibilties to provide ancillary services, balancing redispatch needs and sector coupling.


10/2020 — date
Research Associate and Phd Candidate at EEG, TU Wien
M.Sc. in Energy Systems and Automation Engineering, TU Wien


2021 2024

Provision of System Flexibilities of e-Vehicles for different use of e-Mobility for various end user applications