Daniel Schwabeneder

 Daniel Schwabeneder

Daniel is a research associate and PhD candidate at the Energy Economics Group (EEG). He received a M.Sc. degree in Mathematics from the University of Vienna in October 2013. Afterwards he joined the EEG, and since then he has been contributing to many international and national research projects. Daniel's research interests in energy economics include the optimization of different flexibility options for the electricity system, including batteries, heat pumps, electric boilers, electric vehicles, demand response, pumped hydro storages and water reservoirs. Furthermore, Daniel works on the analysis and design of business models for energy aggregators and develops software tools to model the operation of various flexibility options on day-ahead, intraday and balancing markets.


03/2022 — date
Post-Doc Research Associate at EEG, TU Wien
10/2013 — 03/2022
Research Associate and PhD Candidate at EEG, TU Wien
M.Sc. in Mathematics at the University of Vienna


2019 — 2022

Blockchain based ElectricitY trading for the integration Of National and Decentralized local markets

2018 — 2022

Thermal demand and supply as flexible elements of future sustainable energy systems

2018 — 2022

Großflächiger Einsatz von Prosumer-Flexibilität an kurzfristigen Strommärkten unter Berücksichtigung von Prosumer-Interessen