Matthias Maldet

 Matthias Maldet

Matthias joined the Energy Economics Group (EEG) as a research associate and PhD candidate in April 2021 after finishing the bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering and the master degree in Energy Systems and Automation Engineering, both at TU Wien. His current work focuses on energy communites, sector-coupling and resource utilization. In the course of his PhD studies, an open source model on decentralized flexibility portfolio analysis is developed with special consideration of energy sector-coupling and efficient resource utilization.


04/2021 — date
Research Associate and PhD Candidate at EEG, TU Wien
09/2019 — 03/2021
M.Sc. in Energy Systems and Automation Engineering, TU Wien
07/2016 — 08/2019
B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, TU Wien


2019 2023

Blockchain based ElectricitY trading for the integration Of National and Decentralized local markets