Nadine Gürer

 Nadine Gürer

Nadine joined the Energy Economics Group (EEG) as a research associate and PhD candidate in March 2021. Her research focusses on the economic, environmental, energetic and technical assessment of varying biomass-to-fuel chains in relation to a wide range of services and industries (e.g. transportation and aviation), with the aim of contributing to a sustainable energy transition. Amongst others, she is currently involved in a EU-funded project investigating a novel technique for the sustainable production of biofuels. She has completed a B.Sc. degree in Chemistry in Toronto, which she has complemented with an M.Sc. degree in Environment and Sustainable Development from University College London (UCL). In her free time, Nadine enjoys playing tennis, skiing and playing the piano.


03/2021 — date
Research Associate and PhD Candidate at EEG, TU Wien
M.Sc. in Environment and Sustainable Development, University College London (UCL)


2023 2025

Strategies for the optimal bioenergy use in Austria from societies point-of-view – Scenarios up to 2050