Dynamic EU building stock knowledge hub

  • Oct 2020Sep 2024

Project description

Given the lack of comprehensive and reliable data on the EU building stock, the BuiltHub project develops a structured and inclusive approach to data collection and an easily accessible and user-friendly data hub in the form of a structured web-based platform (IT infrastructure, analytics and user-friendly dashboard), fed thanks to a usage-based engagement strategy targeting data and metadata providers as well as simple users. The aforementioned usage-based engagement strategy will be implemented through the development of value-added information services tailored to the main users of the platform and other main beneficiaries (end users). The BuiltHub consortium develops various data processes and service schemes to cover potential users based on their needs and potential use of data and analytics, as well as the benefits they could derive from engaging with BuiltHub. The project aims to build on tohe building inventory bservatory database and associated analytics to make data flow easier, more resilient, and more secure.

Last updated: 20 Mar 2022