Lukas Kranzl

 Lukas Kranzl

Lukas is a Senior Scientist and thus permanent scientific staff member at the Energy Economics Group (EEG) since 2002. He holds a master's degree in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Economics (1999) and a PhD in Energy Economics (2002), both from TU Wien. Lukas joined EEG in 1999 where he started as a research associate working on the energy transition and decarbonisation of building related energy demand and supply as well as the heating and cooling sector in an integrated energy system in a wider context. His fields of research include techno-economic assessment and modelling of energy performance of buildings, district heating and cooling and related sector-coupling options in future energy system decarbonisation scenarios. In this context, open source modeling and visualization of spatially resolved energy systems at different levels of granularity plays a major role. He has in-depth knowledge and experience in coordinating international, European and national research projects in this field for a variety of different clients. Lukas also teaches in various courses and has a considerable number of conference contributions and scientific publications in journals.


2003 — date
Senior Scientist at EEG, TU Wien
1999 — 2002
Research Associate and PhD Candidate at EEG, TU Wien


2022 2026

Marketable Open Data Solutions for Optimized Building-related Energy Services

2023 2026
BM Retrofit

Development and demonstration of holistic retrofitting concepts for biomass-based district heating networks

2023 2026

Risk minimization for decarbonizing heating networks via network temperature reductions and flexibility utilization

2022 2025

Driving a sustainable future in space cooling

2021 2025

European Climate and Energy Modelling Forum

2021 2024

Spatial Energy Planning for Energy Transition