Gustav Resch

 Gustav Resch

Gustav is a Senior Scientist and thus permanent scientific staff member at the Energy Economics Group (EEG) since 2005. He holds a master's degree in Electrical Engineering (2000) and a PhD in Energy Economics (2005), both from TU Wien. Gustav joined EEG in 2000 where he started as a research associate working in the field of renewable energy system integration, notably focusing on policy promotion instruments. He is leading a team dealing with policy related research in the area of energy policy and energy economics with a focus on renewable energy technologies - with proven expertise on international level. His fields of activity include techno-economic assessments of (renewable) energy technologies, design and evaluation of energy policy strategies and energy modelling (focusing on policy interactions, market integration, technology dynamics and supply security aspects, specficially flexibility analyses for power systems). He has coordinated and/or contributed to several European and national studies and policy assessments related to renewable energies and climate change, assessing the feasibility and impacts of policy targets and strategies for 2030 and beyond.


06/2005 — date
Senior Scientist at EEG, TU Wien
12/2000 — 05/2005
Research Associate and PhD Candidate at EEG, TU Wien


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