Nikolaus Houben

 Nikolaus Houben MSc

Nikolaus Houben joined the Energy Economics Group as a Project Assistant in March 2021. His main focus is the development of Smart- and Microgrid Controller Algorithms, which are being tested in a Microgrid Living Lab in Wieselburg, Austria ( He is passionate about sustainability, and specifically wants to contribute to the energy transition through his PhD Candidacy at the EEG. 

Nikolaus holds a bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from the TU Vienna, in which he wrote his thesis on heavy metal emissions of rooftops in Vienna. He then completed his master's degree in Metropolitan Analysis Design & Engineering at TU Delft and Wageningen University & Research, where he focused on energy systems, developed forecasting software for Amsterdam Royal Zoo, and worked on a digital currency. 

In his free time, Nikolaus likes to play ice hockey, spend time outside on Roter Berg in Vienna, and play jazz and blues piano.