Reinhard Haas

 Reinhard Haas

Reinhard is a Professor in Energy Economics at TU Wien. He received a M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Economics (1984), a Ph.D. (1987) and a Venia Docendi (1998) in Energy Economics from TU Wien. Reinhard is Head of the Energy Economics Group (EEG) since 1996. Early in his academic career, Reinhard was on several research leaves (e.g., pilot solar power plant in Almeria/Spain, Chalmers University in Gothenburg/Sweden, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), where he started to focus on policy support strategies that promote market integration of renewable energy technologies across all sectors and end-uses. In particular, this includes the consideration of tailored financial policy instruments in energy system modeling. Reinhard has more than 30 years of teaching, supervision, examination and reviewing experience and is involved in almost all courses offered at EEG. In addition, he has continuously developed the curriculum not only at EEG, but also in his capacity as an academic director at TU Wien’s Continuing Education Academy in the renewable energy systems post-graduate programme. In his career, Reinhard has supervised a large number of bachelor's, master's and PhD theses and also coordinated many European and national research projects in the field of energy transition for a variety of different clients. He has also frequently contributed his expertise to various International Energy Agency (IEA) studies and programmes. Reinhard has made a significant number of scientific conference contributions worldwide and authored more than 200 peer-reviewed scientific papers and book contributions. He has also served as a guest editor and is an associate editor of different scientific journals. Reinhard is an active member of various academic and scientific committees and associations.


2010 — date
Professor in Energy Economics, Institute of Energy Systems and Electrical Drives, TU Wien
1998 — 2009
Associate Professor in Energy Economics, Institute of Power Systems and Energy Economics, TU Wien
1996 — date
Head of Energy Economics Group (EEG)
02/1994 — 06/1994
Research Fellow, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Energy Analysis Group), University of California/Berkeley
1988 — 1998
University Assistant, Institute of Energy Economics, TU Wien
1984 — 1987
Teaching Assistant and Ph.D. Studies, Institute of Energy Economics (TU Wien) and Austrian Center of Research (Seibersdorf)
M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Economics, TU Wien
06/1983 — 09/1983
Research Fellow, Solar Power Plant in Almeria/Spain


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