Data Mapper

Market saturation

In order to analyse shopping centre market development and saturation, two parameters are used namely growth rates and share of the marketplace. The market growth rate is based on the shopping centre sales growth between 2000 and 2012 in the considered countries and displayed against the GLA of the shopping centres per 1000 capita.

The analysis shows that countries with strong market position and strong market growth are Estonia and Slovenia. In other words, the GLA per capita is above the EU-average and sales growth is also above average. The countries with low share of the market place and high growth rate markets are Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg and Poland. In these countries, the market growth in the last 12 years was very high and the GLA per 1000 Capita is still low, so there is an exploitable untapped potential. Especially Bulgaria and Romania show a large potential for new shopping centres.

This concept was being extended to energy consumption of shopping centres. The bubble size shows the annual energy consumption of shopping centres in TWh per year. Countries with high sales growth rates currently represent 13.8% of the energy consumption whereat countries with low GLA per capita account for 13.1% and countries with high GLA per capita for 0.7%. These markets are mainly marked by new construction, while refurbishment plays a minor role.