Albert Hiesl

 Albert Hiesl

Albert is a research associate and PhD candidate at the Energy Economics Group (EEG). He holds a master's degree in power systems engineering from TU Wien. At the EEG, he contributes to international and national research projects in the field of energy system modelling and optimization. His main research interests cover photovoltaic systems in combination with decentralized storage solutions as well as e-mobility and energy communities. Albert was also part of the organising committee of several international conferences, starting from IEWT 2015 to the first hybrid conference IEWT 2021 (online & presence) as well as for the IAEE European Conference at the Hofburg Conference Center in 2017.


11/2012 — date
Research Assosciate and PhD Candidate at EEG, TU Wien
M.Sc. in Power Systems Engineering, TU Wien


2018 2022

AUctions for Renewable Energy II

2019 2021

Smart load management for the large-scale application of charging infrastructure in an urban area

2018 2021
PMO Umsetzung

Pocket Mannerhatten Ottakring - Umsetzungsprojekt